Palangkaraya, September 20, 2011

We are representing communities within and in the vicinity of the forest and peat land being present here from Aceh, Papua, Central Sulawesi, and Kalimantan, herewith convey our demands on the implementation of low carbon development or other climate projects to Donors, Governors, Heads of the States, Regents, and other Officials present.

First, in regard to peoples’ participation, there should be a guarantee on peoples’ full involvement and representation in every process and stage, especially in the projects’ decision‐-­making processes. Peoples should be guaranteed the same rights as other parties. To be able to consider every step of the process, people have the right to elect a trusted expert. And (every involved party) should respect peoples’ decision to approve or disapprove the project.

Second, with regards to information – from the planning and implementation until the project evaluation – rights and access to complete and comprehensive information should be conveyed with a language that we understand, without reducing the real meaning. For instance, information covering the project implementation plan, program, finance, and also the monitoring and evaluation report.

Third, regarding the status of the land or indigenous territory, we urge for acknowledgement and respect so that it will remain as our territory. The legal status of the forest areas that is to become a pilot project of any low carbon development scheme or program, should be clear, without impeding our rights, especially our rights to utilize the resources within the area.

Forth, with regards to land rights, we claim the right to posses, to manage, and to utilize the forest and resources within it, which we have inherited from our ancestors.

Fifth, in reference to conflict settlement, the project implementer should proactively facilitate conflict settlement among people and/or between people and other parties related to the project, including conflicts about borders, natural resources conflicts, and conflicts of authority. The effort to settle the conflict should not use coercive state apparatus, civilians (preman) or any other forms of violence. In fact, state apparatus, such as TNI and POLRI, is obliged to protect the people. Ultimately, the people have the full authority in appointing a representative for conflict settlement, voicing their demands, and also to choose a suitable mechanism. Therefore, there should be a neutral body that is agreed upon by parties in accommodating the people’s complaints or demands.

Sixth, related to the benefits of the project, every decision concerning the benefits for the people
should be defined by the people themselves, shall it be about the mechanism or the types of benefit. Thus, any products from low carbon development or other climate projects should ensure the added value principle, and ought to be inline with the local wisdom.

Herewith we demand to have our rights acknowledged and respected, so that we can be the masters on our own land! (Kami jadi Tuan di tanah kami sendiri!)

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